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... get ready for fully-automated, interactive, and integrated -- not limited by the IRS forms. We're independent, accurate, knowledgeable, and responsive, but we don't charge an arm and a leg for it! To find out more, start with a Quick Tour of our flagship products, Tax Preparer® and Real Estate Analyzer®.

Tax Preparer 1040 for the 2022 filing season still available

When you purchase the software, you have a choice of on-line delivery of the software or delivery on CD by priority mail. In either case, your order will be processed the same day we receive it, and if you choose on-line delivery, we will provide you with a link to your download as soon as your order processing is complete.

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Next filing season: Back to the old normal!

The end of an era. The last two filing seasons were clearly challenging, with many complex changes in tax laws stemming from Covid-19 relief that led to a late start in tax seasons plus surprising mid-season changes. But almost all of those special provisions expired at the end of 2021, meaning that the laws are now back to normal so that the complex calculations for popular credits revert back to their traditional methods. Among the changes that are gone for tax year 2022 are the increases and full refundability of the child tax credit (and the expanded Schedule 8812 that handled them), the increases and refundability of the child and dependent care credit (and the revised Form 2441 that handled them), the increases and expansion of eligibility for the childless earned income credit (and the option to base the credit on prior earned income), the charitable cash deduction for non-itemizers, the suspension of the 60% of AGI limit on cash deductions for itemizers, the recovery rebate credit, and several credits that fall into the category of traditional "tax extenders." Although a few of the benefits remain, none of the benefits that added complexity to the forms or calculations remain.

Back to normal. All of this means that IRS forms will be released on time, the tax season will start on time, and your tax software will be released on time! So you can get ready for a much less stressful tax season next year by ordering now.

Easy on-line ordering. For the easiest way to order, complete our secure on-line Order Form. Just click the yellow starburst above. With instant acknowledgement of your order, you'll be sure that you're set for the 2023 filing season. (You can also order by mail or phone. We accept all checks and major credit cards.)

64-bit compatibility!

Tax Preparer is compatible with all versions of Windows 8, 8.1, and 10, including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, and all other Windows versions as far back as Windows XP, whether 32-bit or 64-bit. Although greatly modified for 64-bit Windows, the familiar look and feel of Tax Preparer remains the same. You will have no problem installing or running our software on a new Windows 8, 8.1, or 10 computer, most of which are preloaded with a 64-bit version of Windows. However, Windows 10 may require an updated print driver or a change in default settings.

Why e-file?

Many paid tax preparers have been required to e-file since 2012, as we explained in a past issue of HowardNews. However, even if you aren't required to e-file, there are plenty of other reasons to e-file:

  •   Improved accuracy and compliance. IRS checks return for errors and compliance before it is accepted for filing, so you can correct it before you file it, minimizing embarrassing IRS notices to clients.
  •   Proof of filing date and time. IRS acknowledges every transmission, and first transmission of return counts as filing time even when return isn't accepted for filing until days later. No more postmarks required.
  •   Proof of receipt by IRS. IRS sends acknowledgment once return passes their checks, giving proof of receipt and acceptance. No more 'lost' returns.
  •   Faster refunds. Eliminates manual handling of paper returns, so return is processed immediately once accepted for e-file.
  •   Increased customer base. Heavy IRS marketing of e-file causes customers to look for e-file providers, so you'll keep old clients and get new ones.
  •   Minimized learning time during tax season. Learn now to avoid critical delays later. It's easy with Tax Preparer, but learning the interface with the IRS can take some time.

And HowardSoft's uniquely personal customer service is always there to help you learn the e-file process and correct any rejected returns.

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We offer three levels for each Tax Preparer software package:

Click a level above for a list of features and forms built-in and fully-automated for that level. And to make sure you're not left behind at the beginning of the tax season, click here to ORDER ON-LINE.

Get Ready for e-file

e-file capability is included with Standard and Premium Level software, but you must:

  •   apply to the IRS for your lifetime EFIN (click here to learn more), and
  •   annually purchase from us the e-file transmission software that will send to the IRS the e-file output produced by our software.

Except for unusual limitations imposed by the IRS, you can now e-file most returns ... even when the data does not fit on the IRS paper forms!

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