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Tax Preparer ... The Complete Tax Tool (that puts you in control)

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If you prepare returns for others, or your own return is complex, the simplistic approaches of other tax software just aren't enough. You need accurate, thoroughly detailed results that handle the exceptions as well as the rule. And you want the flexibility to control the automation and the data entry style. So do others. That's why thousands of professionals have relied on Tax Preparer by HowardSoft year-after-year since 1979.

With three pricing levels (Economy, Standard, and Premium) there's sure to be a package that meets your needs, whether you file 1 return or more than 100.

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Real Estate Analyzer ... The Best Stands Out

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NEW: Real Estate Analyzer 2012 to be released soon. Pre-release special expires upon release.

When you're about to venture your money in real estate, wouldn't it help to have a knowledgeable partner? One who can help you make the tough choices it takes to succeed in today's real estate marketplace? Real Estate Analyzer by HowardSoft can be your knowledgeable partner. It provides computer-automated investment analysis, realistically taking into account the effect of taxes, inflation, and the time value of money. From homes and duplexes to commercial complexes, Real Estate Analyzer scientifically weighs the pros and cons like no other software can.

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