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Tax Preparer Downloads

The facility to download updates or patches is automatically added to your computer when you install Tax Preparer. An icon titled "Check Web for Updates" is installed in your "HowardSoft Tax Preparer" program group for this purpose. For security reasons, updates and patches cannot be downloaded from these public web pages.

What is "Check Web for Updates"

The "Check Web for Updates" icon is your key to all the latest -- tax news bulletins, technical information, and software patches. In addition, you'll find access to two types of Service Notes that relate to the current editions of Tax Preparer:

  • Customer Service Memos. These are supplemental instructions to help you solve problems that cannot be eliminated through a change to our software. Past topics have included printer problems, mouse problems, and supplemental instructions for our Tax Forms Guides.
  • Technical Change Notices. These are notices of issues with the current software that are best handled through downloadable patches. In addition, viable workarounds are provided so that you can mitigate problems without downloads or repair previously-damaged data when the patches cannot repair them automatically.

TIP: We urge you to "Check Web for Updates" on a regular basis during the tax season, at least weekly if not daily. This is our way of keeping your software fine-tuned to the latest tax law clarifications from the IRS and the most reliable automation from HowardSoft. (If you cannot find your Check Web for Updates icon, or you want to access the latest information from a computer that does not have our programs installed, call us for further help.)

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