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Economy Level Individual for Tax Preparer by HowardSoft

(Also see what's included in Standard Level and Premium Level software.)

Priced for individuals. The Economy Level has everything the individual needs to prepare returns with the same accuracy and flexibility as the professional levels:

  • Full automation -- The same automation that's built into our software for professionals is built into the Economy Level. In fact, the same calculation engine is used, not an inferior engine for the individual market like other tax software.
  • Basic tax form set -- The forms required for the most common returns are built in. Even business and farm returns are supported!
  • Limited number of returns -- No more than 15 returns can be prepared (which is the number of returns in one tax volume).
  • Text-based and blank fill-in printouts -- IRS forms are printed rapidly with virtually any printer in a text-based format that matches the layout of the IRS forms but omits the fine graphics and detailed text of the forms. A fill-in mode is also included for printing onto an IRS-printed Form 1040 or printing onto plain paper for use with transparent overlays. The main signature form, however, is printed in graphic form on virtually any Windows printer.
  • No e-file included -- e-file is not included, but data entry collects the information required for e-file so that you're ready to go with e-file if you upgrade to the Standard or Premium Level. (Some marketers would call this e-file ready.)
  • Tax Forms Guide -- Our annual on-screen document of more than 800 pages of line-by-line data entry help is included, along with the capabilities for on-screen search and hard copy printing.

You can prepare up to 15 returns with this software, even though it's not specifically designed for professional use.

Forms included at the Economy Level. The basic tax form set handles the most commonly needed forms. Click the product title below to see the complete list of forms for that product:

  • Tax Preparer (1040) -- The top 40 IRS forms are built in, including all the schedules for Form 1040 and the most important forms for individuals and small businesses.
  • Partnership Edition (1065) -- The most widely-used IRS forms for partnerships are built in, including all the schedules for Form 1065 and the most important forms for small and large partnerships.
  • California Supplement (540) -- The most widely-used FTB forms are built-in, including all the schedules for Form 540 and the most important forms for individuals and small businesses.