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Standard Level Professional for Tax Preparer by HowardSoft

(Also see what's included in Economy Level and Premium Level software.)

Basic capabilities for professional tax preparers. The Standard Level has the basic capabilities that tax preparers need to prepare returns accurately and efficiently with the professional look that clients expect:

  • Full automation -- Tax Preparer can provide much more automation than other tax software because data entry is based on custom-designed forms that collect the information required to automate computations found in IRS instructions and publications not just the often over-simplified instructions that appear on the IRS forms themselves.
  • Expanded tax form set -- The forms required for the most common returns are built in, and most of them can be e-filed, adding several forms not included at the Economy Level. (Forms 8453, 8879, and 8948 are included for e-file returns.)
  • Unlimited number of returns -- An unlimited number of returns can be prepared, whether filed on paper or electronically.
  • Unlimited e-file -- An unlimited number of returns handled by the basic tax form set can be e-filed for a low per-return fee, and e-file specials are offered so that you can reduce or eliminate the per-return fee through a fixed up-front charge. In addition, bank products are available so that you can offer Return Authorization Loans (RALs), have your fee automatically deducted from the client's refund from the IRS, and even earn commissions. (Note that you must have an EFIN to e-file with our software, See the E-FILE page, accessible from our main web page, for details.)
  • Client management -- File management for an unlimited number of clients is built-in, including the printing of client letters, mailing labels, and mailing/phone lists.
  • IRS-approved graphic printouts -- Using the latest technology for Windows-graphic printing, all IRS forms are printed with the look-and-feel of the IRS forms with virtually any Windows printer. Support for traditional laser printing is also included for those who have invested in the former standard techology of laser printers that emulate HP LaserJet printers with tax font cartridges or soft fonts.
  • IRS Forms, Instructions, and Publications -- Nearly 300 IRS documents (forms, instructions and publications) are provided for easy on-screen viewing, searching, and printing, all easily accessible from the Tax Preparer Control Panel. We even supply forms not included in Tax Preparer, so you can still file a complete return even when HowardSoft omits a form.
  • Tax Forms Guide -- An on-screen copy of our annual document of more than 800 pages of line-by-line data entry help is included, along with the capabilities for on-screen search and hard-copy printing.
  • User's Guide -- An on-screen copy of our document of nearly 300 pages of help with the basic operation of the software is included, comprised of a Tutorial Guide and an Operating Guide. This document is also accessible from the Tax Preparer Control Panel in a format for easy on-screen viewing, searching, and printing.
  • Expanded Tax Preparer Control Panel -- Our Tax Preparer Control Panel already provides easy access to all HowardSoft manuals and our on-line website for special bulletins and downloads. But for the Standard and Premium Levels it also provides volume-free file management and access to on-screen versions of IRS documents (forms, instructions, and publications). Volume-free file management allows you to select a client's return from the Control Panel by the client's name, the filename you assign, or the SSN of the primary taxpayer, without ever having to know the tax volume in which the return resides.

Forms included at the Standard Level. The expanded tax form set handles the most commonly needed forms, including, for Form 1040 returns and Form 540 returns, Form 8453 and related e-file forms. Click the product title below to see the complete list of forms for that product.

  • Tax Preparer (1040) -- More than 40 IRS forms are built in, including all the schedules for Form 1040 and the most important forms for individuals and small businesses.
  • Partnership Edition (1065) -- The most widely-used IRS forms for partnerships are built in, including all the schedules for Form 1065 and the most important forms for small and large partnerships.
  • California Supplement (540) -- The most widely-used FTB forms are built-in, including all the schedules for Form 540 and the most important forms for individuals and small businesses.