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Forms in Standard Level for California Supplement (540)

The forms needed by most individuals and businesses for Form 540 returns are built in and fully automated, including e-file Forms 8453, 8454, and 3582. And most of these forms can be e-filed.

FTB Form

Common Use

Form 540   California Resident Income Tax Return -- Individuals

Main signature form required for all returns

Form 540-ES   Estimated Tax for Individuals

To figure quarterly estimated tax payments required to avoid penalties

Form 540X   Amended Individual Income Tax Return

To alter a previously-filed return for the tax year

Schedule CA   California Adjustments -- Residents

Summarizes differences between federal and California amounts

Schedule D   California Capital Gain or Loss Adjustment

To report sale of exchange of capital assets (such as stocks, bonds, and personal property)

Schedule D-1   Sales of Business Property

To report income or loss from sale or exchange of business and certain investment property

Schedule P   Alternative Minimum Tax and Credit Limitations -- Residents

Side 1: To figure the additional tax due to AMT regulations.  Side 2: Collects and limits tax credits.

Schedule S   Other State Tax Credit

To claim credit for income tax paid to other states for income also taxed by California

Schedule W-2   Wage and Tax Statement

To report Forms W-2 received for a scannable Form 540 return

Form 3506   Child and Dependent Care Expenses Credit

Tax credit for working taxpayers who pay for child care

Form 3519   Payment Voucher for Automatic Extension for Individuals

To pay tax due on returns for which you are taking advantage of an automatic 6-month filing date extension

Form 3526   Investment Interest Expense Deduction

To figure deductible investment interest expense

Form 3540   Credit Carryover Summary

To claim carryover credits for expired credits when no Schedule P exists for the return

Form 3582   Payment Voucher for Electronically Transmitted Returns

Automatically printed with Form 8453 for a balance due return

Form 3800   Tax Computation for Children Under Age 14 with Investment Income

Tax computation for taxpayers under age 14 with more than $1,500 of investment income

Form 3801   Passive Activity Loss Limitations

To figure limitations on current-year loss deductions for passive activities

Form 3803   Parents' Election to Report Child's Interest and Dividends

For parents who choose to include a chid's income on their own return rather than filing a return for the child

Form 3805E   Installment Sale Income

To figure current-year taxable income from installment payments received

Form 3805P   Additional Taxes on Qualified Plans (Including IRAs) and Other Tax-Favored Accounts

To figure penalties on early or disqualified distributions for certain qualified plans

Form 3885A   Depreciation and Amortization

To figure deductions for depreciation and amortization of business and investment property

Form 5805   Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals

For figuring penalty for underwithholding or underpayment of quarterly tax

Form 5805-F   Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Farmers and Fishermen

Replaces Form 5805 for eligible farmers or fishermen

Form 8453   California Individual Income Tax Declaration for e-file

Required for all e-file returns, our expanded Form 8453 also determines preliminary eligibility for e-file. It also collects bank information for direct deposit, direct withdrawal, and refund anticipation loans.

Form 8454   e-file Opt-Out Record

For preparers subject to mandatory e-file, records reason return was not e-filed

Other forms. In addition to the FTB forms there are numerous HowardSoft-designed forms and worksheets included to provide unlimited support for multiple activities and more comlete automation of calculations.

(Also see what forms are included in Economy Level and Premium Level software.)