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All programs are compatible with Windows XP through Windows 10, including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Internet Special for new customers

Pricing for new customers is normally $100 more than the annual update price. However, for this special pricing we will waive the $100 "entrance fee" and allow you to use update pricing for your first purchase. If you want to place an order, enter NEW where you are asked for your Lifetime Serial Number. We will issue you a Lifetime Serial Number of your own once your order is processed.

Baseline Program
Required minimum purchase. Qualifies you for discounted update pricing on products for partnership (Form 1065) returns and California state (Form 540) returns.
See our Comparison Chart for more detail on the differences among the three levels.
Economy Level
On-screen Tax Forms Guide
IRS-accepted graphic printous for MAIN form (text-based and blank fill-in printouts for all others)
Basic tax form set (covers majority of tax returns)
15-return limit
No e-file
Standard Level
Everything in Economy Level PLUS...
On-screen User's Guide
On-screen IRS forms, instructions, and pubs.
IRS-approved graphic printouts for ALL forms
No limit on number of returns
Ability to add e-file (purchased separately)
Additional tools in Control Panel
Premium Level
Everything in Standard Level PLUS...
Extended tax form set (covers nearly all tax returns)

Tax Preparer (1040).

All prices are for the 2017 filing season (for tax year 2016 returns).

1st year:$259$159

(You get the same discounted price as current customers.)

1st year:$369$269

(You get the same discounted price as current customers.)

1st year:$499$399

(You get the same discounted price as current customers.)

For the most complete details on system requirements, pricing, and other options, see our secure Online Order Form. You need not place an order to view the prices. Merely click Cancel when you're done reviewing the Order Form if you don't want to order now, and nothing will be sent to HowardSoft. On this Order Form you will see products for:

  •   Partnership Edition (1065). Adds capability to prepare Form 1065 returns with same tax depth and automation as Tax Preparer 1040, with a unique Distribution Worksheet that makes generating K-1s for multiple partners effortless.
  •   California Supplement (540). Adds capability to prepare Form 540 returns with same tax depth and automation as Tax Preparer 1040, using the completed Form 1040 return as a starting point for preparing the Form 540 return.
  •   e-file transmission software. Provides cost-effective alternatives for those who expect to e-file dozens of returns by reducing or eliminating the usual per-return transmission fee for a single up-front fee.
  •   Paper manuals and binders. Offers high-quality paper versions of our manuals in rich 8-by-9 inch binders, for those who like the convenience of paper.

You need not order to review the details on the current Order Form.
Merely click CANCEL when you're done with your review of the form.