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The basic three. With HowardSoft there's no need to buy what you don't need. You can start with a bare-bones package. Then, as your business grows, your Tax Preparer software can grow with you. We offer the basic Tax Preparer for Form 1040 returns in three levels:

  • Premium Level Professional ... the package that gives you everything you'll need for a thriving tax practice, including double the forms of the Standard Level, unlimited e-file, a complete on-screen IRS library, detailed diagnostic reports, and complete client management. (Click here for details.)
  • Standard Level Professional ... the package that most customers order because it provides the forms used in the majority of returns and prints them all in IRS-approved graphic format, has unlimited e-file built-in, and also provides a complete on-screen IRS library of forms, instructions, and publications on CD-ROM. (Click here for details.)
  • Economy Level Inidividual ... the starter package that gives you all the tax depth and automation of our standard products without the large number of forms or bells and whistles. (Click here for details.)

Partnership and state returns. In addition, we offer programs for filing federal partnership returns and California state individual returns:

  • California Supplement® ... for automatically preparing Form 540 returns from your federal Form 1040 returns. No additional data is required for most returns.
  • Tax Preparer: Partnership Edition® ... for filing Form 1065 returns, with a unique distribution worksheet to automate the K-1s for most partnerships.

If you need to prepare any returns for other states, we recommend the website of the Federation of Tax Administrators where you will find links to sites for all states, many of whom have downloadable forms available in Adobe's PDF format -- just like our on-screen manuals and the on-screen IRS documents we provide. Some of the forms can even be filled-in by computer and printed to paper using Adobe Acrobat Reader!

e-file upgrades. We also offer cost-effective upgrades for your built-in e-file to reduce or eliminate the per-return transmission fee:

  • Upgrade to Gold ... reduces your per-return transmission fee by more than 60% -- cost-effective if you expect to e-file dozens of returns for the year.
  • Upgrade to Platinum ... eliminates your per-return transmission fee -- cost-effective if you expect to e-file more than a hundred returns for the year.

And, for those who are more comfortable using a tangible manual, we offer paper versions of our annual on-screen Tax Forms Guides, over 400 pages of line-by-line help (600 pages for the Premium Level), and an attractive grey binder to hold them.

Built-in Forms and Worksheets is next.